Luggage: During your holiday if you are travelling in a light aircraft, helicopter or 4WD vehicle, due to limited space we recommend that you keep your luggage to a maximum of 16kg in a soft overnight carry bag and include a small backpack to carry with you for easy access to your camera, film and other items.

Footwear: Good hiking boots or lace-up shoes, Reef or Tevas (ie okay to get wet) walkers, sandals.

Clothing: Day – Loose fitting cotton clothing; comfortable skirts or shorts/pants; broad-brimmed hat; t-shirts/cotton shirts or tops; long sleeves/long pants for sun protection. Evening/Night – casual pants/jeans/shorts; long sleeve shirt/t-shirts; something warmer if travelling between May and September.

You will also need: towel, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent (RID recommended). Please purchase any alcoholic beverage of your choice prior to departing Darwin.

Weather: Darwin/the Top End/North Western Australia experience two distinct seasons. The Green Season October through to May – expect hot and humid days and warm nights with light rain and afternoon or overnight storms. Average daytime maximum is 33 degrees celsius and around 27 degrees celsius at night. The dry season May to October – expect dry warm days and cool nights. Average daytime maximum is 30 degrees Celsius and around 20 degrees Celsius at night. Inland temperatures can be colder.

Shopping: Shops within the Northern Territory/North Western Australia are generally open 7 days a week. Most shops, hotels and restaurants accept major credit cards. It is best to purchase film, batteries, alcohol, cigarettes and other personal items before leaving Darwin as prices in remote areas are expensive and availability is not always guaranteed.

Banks: Opening hours 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday; ATMs are available in large towns and cities only.

Warnings: Please observe crocodile warning signs. Crocodiles are active in northern waterways; please swim in designated safe areas.

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